Downtown Dash Testimonials.

From the 2010 Social Media Scavenger Hunt in Chicago


“My Favorite Day of The Entire Summer!”

The social media scavenger hunt was my favorite day of the entire summer! It combined all of my favorite things: social media, Chicago, costumes + an adventure. The build up on twitter was incredible, by the time I got the event I felt like I knew everyone already thanks to the ample trash talking. We all played to win and then to drink. It was an #IRL bonding experience that has led to some wonderful offline friendships and contacts. I will absolutely be participating, dare I say winning, this year!

@ShannonDowney Participant


“I Can’t Wait to Participate This Year!”

I can’t wait to participate again this year! Last year was such a challenge. It’s fun, takes into account your social media knowledge and is both physically and mentally challenging. And of course there’s good natured boasting before and during the race, and nothing but great times afterwards!

@Tamcdonald Participant


“It Was a HUGE Hit and I Was Amazed…”

I participated in last year’s event as a business sponsor, with a yoga challenge for the teams. It was a HUGE hit and I was amazed at all the people who came up to me, expressing that! The event was my first big entry into the Twitter world and where I met most of my followers. I truly had a blast and look forward to participating in whatever way possible. Everyone I met is super nice!

@Skofit  Sponsor


“The Coolest Experience Ever!!”

Awesome way to meet people you’ve chatted with online and see the city.  Plus, it was a ton of fun :)

@princessv13 Participant


“Who knew that randomly seeing a tweet and offering to help would be so impactful?”

By divine intervention, I happened to catch a tweet from Chris Brogan about a social media scavenger hunt taking place in my own backyard. I read more about it and fell in love with the idea — it was social and social all at the same time. The more I learned about it, the more I felt like I had to participate somehow and tell all of my friends about it, too.

When I reached out to see how I could help, I was clueless of two things: how insanely fun it would turn out to be; and, how lucky I would be to make some new friends who I think are all rockstars in their own right.

Who knew that randomly seeing a tweet and offering to help would be so impactful? I still can’t believe my luck. I’ll be helping out the team in some form or fashion again this year – and I hope to meet you then!

@ParrisaB Volunteer


“I’m going to get out out there and compete!”

I have to be honest, I was hesitant to participate in a scavenger hunt around Chicago so I dove in behind the scenes as a volunteer. Now I had the inside scoop on all the go-to spots planned for the event! Being able to judge and follow all the teams adventures on Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare was the best part of the day! The volunteers/judges were having a competition based on their teams, i.e “My team has a better picture uploaded than yours!” It was a blast! Being a volunteer was just as an adventure than the people out on the field, but I have to say, in 2011, I’m going get out there and compete!

@ElizabethStiles Volunteer ’10 and soon to be participant!