Social Media Event in Chicago

Teams of two, solve a clue in an insanely fun, socially charged competition.


The Basics:

  1. Teams are comprised of two teammates
  2. Team captain will be responsible for posting all of the check-ins and clues
  3. One teammate, preferably the team captain, must have access to a smart phone
  4. Team captain must have an active Foursquare and Twitter account (no locked or private accounts on the day of the event)
  5. Teams must be willing to share scavenges publicly on an open account for 24 hours – from: 10a September 10 to 10a September 11, 2011


The Process:

  1. Submit your entry by clicking on the REGISTER link
  2. Fill out the information, if you have questions, contact us
  3. Entry must include a team bio, and be sure to let us know how socially savvy you are (it’s a bonus!)
  4. You will receive an email from the Downtown Dash team where you will be asked to submit a team photo
  5. We will post your bio page on the Downtown Dash website under Team Profiles and send you a URL


The Pre-game:

  1. Create a Facebook fan page for your team
  2. Draw fans for your team, spread the news about #DTDash and share your bio page
  3. Be creative, draw traffic to your team bio page, and interaction to your team fan page
  4. One team will be selected as the most socially influential team leading up to the one-day challenge
  5. The pre-game portion is optional



  1. You must be 21 years of age on 9-10-11 to participate
  2. We are looking for teams who love social media and are socially active online
  3. Only a maximum of 100 teams will be accepted to participate
  4. Cost to participate is $70 per team
  5. No more than two persons per registered team
  6. Check out testimonials from last year