Downtown Dash – Social Engagement Challenge

A prelude to the IRL competition on 9-10-11


Step One:

Once your team has registered for Downtown Dash, and completed your payment on the DTDash Eventbrite page, you will receive your instructions for getting started in the Social Engagement Challenge.


Step Two:

Be sure to put together a lively but accurate team bio with a team pic that will help your team stand out.  Think about what it is you want the world to know about you and your teammate and why you want to win Downtown Dash. You will be driving traffic to your team bio page, and asking for spectator support, so make it something you want others to read. If you’re a small business owner, for instance, or if you were a semi-finalist for American Idol, put that in! Anything that sets you apart from your competition in a fun or interesting way is fair game.


You may also wish to create a team Facebook Fan Page (optional). A place to share your Downtown Dash experience with your friends and family by posting scavenger hunt information and pictures.  You can even share strategies on your page with other teams – but don’t give too much away!


Step Three:

Be sure to follow @DTDash on Twitter and visit the Downtown Dash facebook page for updates regarding the Social Engagement Challenge. We will have specific challenges for the Social Engagement Challenge that we will communicate via Twitter, Facebook and email.  We will also share each and every team’s bio page and Facebook fan page with all of our followers.  It is a great way to gain some additional exposure for your team!


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