Downtown Dash: Race Day Rules

Please read carefully:
Not following rules may result in your team being disqualified.


The ING DIRECT Café Downtown Dash will take place regardless of rain or shine.


No refunds for any reason. Team registration may be transferred to qualified applicants only.


Teams must bring their official race packet on race day with their signed waivers and drivers license or state identification.


The race will start at the ING DIRECT Cafe and finish at the location of the after-party (TBD).


Teams must obey all local laws and regulations – including traffic laws.  All participants are solely responsible for their own actions and the consequences of those actions during the ING DIRECT Downtown Dash.


Teams must wear the official orange race T-shirt (or bib) provided at all times.  Orange race T-shirt (or bib) must be visible by volunteers who are scanning the city racecourse.


Teams must travel and be at the same venues at all times. If teams are found separate from each other by more than 50 feet, either by a Downtown Dash volunteer, or another team, the team will be disqualified.


Teams must comply with the direction of the race staff, volunteers, venue managers and owners at all times.  Teams must be respectful to the property of the venues’ owners and managers.


If there is an issue with any task or venue, it is up to each individual team to immediately contact its judge with a tweet, email, and phone call or text message.  Each team member is responsible for ensuring his/her smart phone is in working condition, battery is charged, and has all necessary apps installed and functioning.


In all the clues where it is noted that a picture of the team is required, both team members must appear in the photo. Creativity is encouraged, but all posts, photos, videos, tweets, etc., should be family-friendly and free of profanity.


All check-ins to locations must be accompanied by the race hashtag #DTDash. We will not be able to track your check-in if the hashtag is not included, and therefore, any check-ins and / or completed tasks that do not include the #DTDash hashtag will be disqualified without exception.


Your team may be disqualified if you:

  • Engage in illegal activities during the Downtown Dash
  • Cause damage to any public property or race venues
  • Engage in unsportsmanlike conduct (physical aggression, verbal or digital abuse towards the public, towards race staff, race volunteers or other participants)
  • Take any form of private transportation or any other transportation other than the CTA or Shoreline Water Taxi.  Any team spotted taking a taxi or a private vehicle (including: rickshaw, pedi-cab, Segway, limousine or chartered bus) will be disqualified immediately
  • No bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades/skates, razor scooters are allowed during the race


Teams and points

Downtown Dash starts at 11:00 AM promptly.  Any team that arrives after 10:30 AM to check-in may not be guaranteed an 11:00 AM start time.  The official time is determined by race judges and will be announced before race starts so that teams can synchronize their clocks.


Once a team checks-in on Foursquare at a venue, the team must complete a task and either tweet the answer, or post a picture of the required task (whichever is required), within 10 minutes of check-in using the #DTDash hashtag. 


If the team cannot complete the task, they must take a picture of the location and tweet the photo to prove they were on location.  The picture will not gain them points but serve as proof of the check-in, for which they will receive points.


Tasks on the scavenger hunt list will be weighted by difficulty and distance.


The first team to cross the finish line will receive 3 bonus points.  The second team to finish will receive 2 bonus points and the third team to cross the finish line will receive 1 bonus point.


Race is over at 3:00 p.m. You are finished with the race when you check back in at the Downtown Dash table so that volunteers can write down your team name and your time.


Each team that arrives late will be deducted one point for every minute they are late and disqualified after 3:30 p.m.  (For example, if you arrive at 3:05 p.m., you will be deducted 5 points and if you arrive at 3:31 p.m., you will be disqualified.)


The team with the highest number of points is the winner.  In the event of a tie, the team that finished earlier will be declared the winner.  The team with the second highest number of points will be declared first runner-up.  The team with the third highest number of points will be declared second runner-up.


In the event that two teams finish at the same time, with the same number of points, the judges will decide the winner based on creativity of photos, tweets, Foursquare tips, etc.  This will be left to the sole discretion of the judges.


Downtown Dash can not be held responsible for Twitter or Foursquare failures. In the event that there is a foursquare or Twitter outage, Downtown Dash judges will announce an alternative.