Social Media Scavenger Hunt in Chicago



How do I get started?

You will need a partner, once you’ve found a partner, please visit the registration page and fill it out completely.  You will receive an email from Downtown Dash within 48 hours.


What if I don’t have a partner?

Contact us, we will help you find a partner.  Last year, we put a lot of teams together via Twitter intros.

How much does it cost?

$70.00 per team


How do I pay?

We set up payment on an Eventbrite page where you can pay using a credit card, Paypal or Google Check-Out.  One payment per team. However, please remember, you MUST register before paying, so visit the registration page first.

What do I get?

A chance to compete for great prizes. An amazing experience. And a fun after-party.
You will also receive a CTA day pass, an event bib, backpack, and goodies from event partners inside your backpack.


Is this for charity?

At the moment, it’s just for the fun of it, but we’re open to hearing from worthy causes. If you have any suggestions, please , contact us.


How can I get my business involved?

Please see our Event Partners page for more information and contact Leyla Arsan at 312.970.0659 or


Just how much physical activity are we talking?

A fair amount. We’re talking speed-walking, stair-climbing and basically busting moves throughout Chicago while scavenging clues to finish your tasks. You’ll need to navigate the city quickly, but you can (and are encouraged to) use the CTA. But, of course, teams who track clues on Twitter and Facebook are at an advantage over those who just try to outrun the competition.


Do I need to qualify?

You need an active Foursquare and Twitter account, but not a minimum number of friends or followers to play. We are looking for teams with a high level of social engagement, as it makes for a more competitive event. The event is capped at 100 teams, so register early!


What happens if it rains?

Bring a raincoat! Downtown Dash will take place rain or shine.


What happens if Twitter or foursquare is down?

Technical glitches are always a possibility. It’s rare for both Twitter and foursquare to be down at the same time, and usually neither is down for more than an hour or so. If either Twitter or foursquare, or both, are having outages, a secondary method of entry will be determined by judges on the day of the race.


What is the Social Engagement Challenge?

The social engagement challenge takes place leading up to the IRL race on 9-10-11. It’s a way for you to find out about your team, others players and as well as the brands and businesses who will hold challenges in the physical race on 9-10-11. You’re not required to participate, but we hope that you do.  From past experience, those who participate early, and engage with us more frequently, pick up on the clues leading up to the event.


Can you give an example of a sample challenge or clue?

Clue: This West Loop Chicago Sports bar’s outdoor rooftop has one of the best skyline views in the City.

Task: Once the clue is solved, race to the site and check-in on foursquare on arrival. Once on location, take a team pic with a staff member of the bar.  


Who won last year?

First place winners: @Chicofc and @JimmyDoesTea
Second place winners: @HustleSimmons and @NeinaDrake
Third place winners: @SocialJacqui and @SocialColleen


What if my team wins?

If your team places as a grand prize recipient, or any of the individual challenge prizes, you do not have to be present at the after-party to win. We aim to announce the winners at the after-party, but due to the large volume of information that needs to be evaluated, winners may be announced on Monday, September 12, 2011.

If you win a prize, you’ll need to fill out a 1099 with your social security number before you can collect because you’re on the hook for the taxes on the retail value of your winnings. 


Why do I have to be 21?

For liability reasons, we do require our participants to be 21 years of age.  The after-party is at a bar and we you must be 21 to enter.


Can I bring a friend to the after-party?

Yes!  Feel free to invite anyone you’d like to join in the after-party fun.