Team Steve Dahl Show 


  Christopher Jelkes Bridget Mcneil
Twitter: @ktown26 @jetta26
Foursquare: ktown26 jetta26
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Team Bio:

Chris aka @ktown26 is often referred to as cristobal (dont ask) tweets every random thought in his head…and has an unhealthy obsession with”checking in” to every place he goes with one goal in mind, MAYORSHIP. bridget aka @jetta26 spends her days being pulled into crazy situations like this with @ktown26 (she secretly loves it…but will deny it to the grave). These two crazy kids have been in a relationship since 2002 (say whaaat!?) And are going strong! They are chicago north siders but root for the white sox, duh. They are reality tv/social media addicts. They are also parents to a 7 year old son (who is also a genius, just sayin). And last but not least…they are going to kick some a** in this competition!


Christopher and Bridget are playing on Team Steve Dahl Show — the Chicago radio legend who now has over 500 podcasts under his belt. Check out Steve Dahl’s sponsor page here