Team SquareFour


  Dave Sorrell Martin G
Twitter: @rookiephenom @martinjon
Foursquare: rookiephenom martinjon
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Team Bio:

She’s a Thriftista, He’s a gansta bureaucrat.

Lisa takes pleasure in finding the best deals in Chicagoland (and all over the world), while Dave makes sure he makes the transit system network efficient. Both are highly wired, highly attentive, and have a high knowledge of Chicago (top-down and bottom-up).

She’ll tell you the finest in saving money and graphic design (looking for that awesome website idea, anyone?). Dave will infuse knowledge in politics, current events, and crazy stories (mainly about his commute and ex-girlfriends) in one magnetic personality.

With this team, always place your bets on the sleeper team. That is SquareFour!