Team Ramrod

  Logan Cummins Bill Nichols
Twitter: @logancummins  
Foursquare: logancummins  
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Team Bio:

Logan and Bill are two smart bros with big ideas, social media savvy, and a vast knowledge of useless information including a wealth of pop culture references. The two met while working together at a digital agency in downtown Chicago.

Logan is a gentleman, scholar and smartass. But be warned that his gentleman-like behavior goes by the wayside when it comes to competition. He is infamous for his “no-mercy” approach to interaction with friends and family members, even those around the toddler age. Driven by prizes and the event t-shirt, Logan is in it to win it.

Bill thrives on personal interaction. He is always the life of the party, even at the expense of making a little bit of a fool of himself. Don’t let Bill’s charm and J. Crew style fool you, he’s a silent killer. He doesn’t have to try hard at winning, it’s something that comes natural to him; in fact, he was #winning way before Charlie Sheen even thought about it.

By their powers combined, they are Team Ramrod. Minus the creepy porn-staches.