Team Socially Acceptable


  Jessica Frey Matt Cermak
Twitter: @JFrey16 @matt_cerms
Foursquare: JFrey16 mcermak23


Team Bio:

As an Interactive Account Executive, I’m joining the DTDASH to take my knowledge and use of social outside of an agency environment and to engage with other professionals and users on different platforms. As a consumer, I leverage Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter on a daily basis and rely on my social media networks for information and industry insights. My social group is split between Chicago and Pittsburgh, my hometown. Any of my followers (@JFrey16) will see topics trending from social media to poodles to farms to sports to food or beer.

I was born and raised in Chicago but went to school in Missouri to play golf. I enjoy many things but specifically golf, fitness, being in the city, and going to concerts. As a social media enthusiast and founder of a startup company called Engage In This Age (@Inthisage), I focus my daily efforts on trying to write compelling content about social media, branding, and marketing you. I relay this content to the online public primarily through blogging and tweeting. It is my goal not only to gain clients for my company, but also educate people about all things related to digital marketing, branding, and marketing you.