Team SKoFit

Social Media Scavenger Hunt - Team SKoFit

  Tom Rubin Suzanne Ko
Twitter: @El_Chorizo @SKoFit
Foursquare: el_chorizo skofit


Team Bio:

Tom Rubin aka @El_Chorizo, resides in the south suburbs of Chicago. After spending 9 years in the Marine Corps, he worked in the online space up until September of 2010. Since then, he is the owner of ER Computing and when not busy fixing peoples computers, he’s busy dispensing positive vibes on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Tom has no spleen or pets. In case you were wondering.

Suzanne Ko, aka @SKoFit, is always on the go. Her teammate even created the hashtag #SKoFitActionFigure because she kicks @ss and doesn’t take prisoners! Known as the fitness and yoga guru to her followers, she whips her clients into shape through a holistic approach. Her popular Food Tweetups connect people to chefs and farmers, while promoting tasty, healthy options while dining out.

Together they are a force to be reckoned with!