Team McLovin

Team McLovin

  Megan Ogulnick Katie Holland
Twitter: @MOgulnick @Hollandersauce
Foursquare: MOgulnick Hollandersauce
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Team Bio:

Katie Holland is a Social Media Supervisor and yes, she is Ba-Da-Ba-Ba-Bah Lovin’ it . She is an “Eye on Chi” ChicagoNow blogger along with fellow competitor HenJealy *Side eye*. Katie is well versed in the interwebs, and loves to hear that it’s Friday, Friday, whenever she gets the chance. Tweet her @Hollandersauce. (and of course, all opinions and views expressed are her own)

Megan is a PR lady at GolinHarris Chicago focusing on the Golden Arches. She likes to tweet (@MOgulnick) about Harry Potter, proper public transportation etiquette, and her cat, Tonks. Megan is skilled in winning online contests, thinking in 140 characters, and growing mustaches that would make your father jealous. Her favorite vending machine selection is C7. #CheezIts