Team Blu Belles

This is Jeanelle, your Captain tweeting... Digital Media Maven v. SuperMom

  Jeanelle Sims Jhontia Williams
Twitter: @chowbelle @jwill1
Foursquare: chowbelle jwill1


Team Bio:

Jeanelle and Jhontia initially joined forces for the first time working together at a restaurant once upon a time in a land not so far away. Thanks to their social butterfly nature, they reconnected several years later while out and about. Jeanelle, a veteran of Downtown Dash had been thinking of doing this year’s version, but didn’t have a partner. Jhontia knew about the Dash thanks to her awesome social media acumen, so Jhontia asked Jeanelle if she’d like to join her for Downtown Dash 2011, and of course Jeanelle agreed, and the Blue Belles were born! They’re ready to razzle dazzle, so wear your shades!

When Jhontia isn’t being one half of the Blu Belles, she’s juggling her day job being a Digital Media Maven – leading multicultural digital strategies on behalf of airlines and CPG clients; and being a SuperMom by night – juggling childhood woes, attending dance shows and cooking sloppy joes.  Her hobbies include dancing, because “In my mind my dance skills are beyond superior,” and complaining about pretty much everything (“Actually I don’t consider them complaints… ‘keen observations’ is a more appropriate phrase”).  She loves Chicago, is intrigued by the power of social media and her favorite color is purple.

When Jeanelle isn’t recovering from the heat and sun of last year’s Downtown Dash, she’s figuring out ways to increase her Awesomeness. A Hyde Park Chicago native, she loves sharing with friends via social media, dancing to anything with a good beat, checking out the live music scene, exploring the global culinary landscape and watching all kinds of sports (GO SOX, btw!). She prides herself on giving tours of the city so awesome, even native New Yorkers say Chicago’s better. (What Second City?!) She’s also convinced there’s only two degrees of separation in Chicago, and no more than four worldwide, and her social media connections only serve to make those connections closer. In typical girly fashion, her favorite color is pink.

The Blu Belles are ready to rock your world. Are you ready? We don’t think you are… 😉