Team #Runnerds

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  John Pham Jen Healy 
Twitter: @phampants @henjealy 
Foursquare: phampants  henjealy
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Team Bio:
A professional Tweeter/Facebooker, Jen, aka @henjealy, has a border-line debilitating need to document her entire life via social media, not the least of which involves telling the whole world how many miles around the city she ran that day. Her interests include talking incessantly about things no one else cares about, absurd hashtags, and Twitpic-ing evidence she knows how to use her oven. Fellow #RunNerd John, aka, @phampants will not only outrun you, he’ll make a clever YouTube video about doing it. He put anecdotes of his life on YouTube to share and makes you wonder why he doesn’t have a girlfriend. John’s interests also include letting people know he’s not Asian, side-eyeing, and letting Jen hit him across the face